DIY Vending - Do I need someone to manage the vending machines at my business premises?

We believe that if you use a vending supplier who provides reliable and easy to use DIY vending machines, there is no need for you to pay for an ‘operated’ service. Our dedicated team of vending Technicians will ensure that when they install the machines they talk you through the key features of the machines, including how to clean and where relevant, re-stock the machine.  It really is easy. 


DIY Vending Machines Reliability

The reliability of the machines we supply is second to none. For example, the average time between breakdown across all our drinks vending machines is over a year. And as we carry a wide range of the required spare parts for our machines, well over 90% are fixed at the first visit by the Service Technician.

Speedy delivery of your vending supplies is also important to us. Contracting the very best logistics partners means that we offer an outstanding service on supplies delivery, with options to ensure you never have to run out of drinks and other vending supplies.

We always go out of our way to deliver the best levels of services and reliability possible to our customers, adding value to your business - that’s the Kafevend difference.