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The food and drink most closely associated with Denmark must surely be beer, bacon, Lurpak butter and tasty Danish pastries. Perhaps less well known is that the Danish really love their coffee. The greatest coffee consumers per head of the population are Scandinavians, with Denmark leading the pack.

As well as the usual coffee favourites such as cappuccino and espresso there is a variety known as boiled egg coffee, which is very popular and often served at social events. The main ingredients are egg (sometimes the crushed shell is used as well, depending on personal preference) cold water, regular grind coffee and boiling water. The coffee is said to have a smooth texture due to the egg, though presumably that smoothness is abandoned by the purists who like to add the crushed shell. The egg also lends it a rich aroma and a taste all of its own.

The Danish word for coffee is kaffe. The a has a long ar sound and the e a short i sound as in it. The word for cup is kop, though it is pronounced just like our English cup. To ask for a cup of coffee in Denmark you could say, Må jeg bede om en kop kaffe, tak? This is a very polite request and means, 'May I ask for a cup of coffee, thanks'. Of course you could ask in English and be fairly confident of being understood, but it's good to have a go, so if you ever find yourself desperate for a coffee in Copenhagen why not seize the moment. At the very least you'll provide a moment's entertainment for the locals!

by Kafevend

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