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“Give the cricketers their due. It may be light work but they put in the hours.”

So says Bill Bryson in 'Down Under', the book that recounts his travels in Australia. He arrives in Adelaide to discover that all attention is focussed on the Oval where a test match is taking place between Australia and England. I'm sorry to say that our team fared little better during that series than currently.

Now I daresay cricketers, both amateur and professional, feel misunderstood by Bryson's witty comments about their game, but to the casual observer there really does seem to be an awful lot of standing about and much stopping for meals to boot. It's that pause for tea which makes the game of interest to the Kafevend blog of course! Whether the cricket in question is a one day match or a series held over three to five days, at least six hours of cricket are played each day and intervals for meals and drinks are therefore a requirement. The break for lunch lasts for forty minutes and play stops for twenty minutes for tea.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that a sport invented by the English should incorporate a meal that is very much like the traditional afternoon tea with sandwiches, other light savouries, cake, scones and plenty of tea to drink. Having become the official brew of England cricket in 2013, Taylor of Harrogate's Yorkshire Tea held a competition to find Britain's finest cricket tea last summer. The winners were a pair from Rocklands cricket club in Norfolk. Their prize was a new kitchen for their clubhouse, so plenty more scrumptious teas are guaranteed there!

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