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West country tea

Following our delve into the history of tea and the role it played in smuggling in the far flung county of Cornwall on Thursday, today we return to consider more recent goings on. Tea is once again our preferred vector, as whilst the smuggling may have stopped, it still remains a source of business for a fair few people. Join us then as we take a look at a pair of companies who are keeping tea flowing out of Cornwall, if at least by more official channels this time around!

The old

Up first for our consideration is Tregothnan. This centuries old estate outside Truro has long been famous for its gardens. Various foreign plants have found their way to estate, with tea amongst them; it was introduced as an ornamental item around two centuries ago. In much more recent times the estate has been experimenting with tea and has found that the climate in the local area is well suited to growing tea. Since then, tea has been grown both on the estate and on various other areas of land owned by Tregothnan around Cornwall.

Tregothnan now have a variety of teas on offer: along with their own origin tea, they have also used it to create their own version of old stalwarts such as Earl Grey. Tregothnan have also turned their hand to tisanes, offering things such as nettle, fennel and peppermint teas. Aside from these, they also sell assorted paraphenalia such as tea pots and cups.

And the new

Up next is Cornish Tea. A relatively new company, it was started in 2012 by friends Darren and Tom. Together with a small team, they buy in a variety of teas from Kenyan estates and blend them together in Cornwall, making a black tea bag they fittingly call 'Smuggler's Brew'.  Whilst we've often preached about loose leaf tea, we here at the Kafevend blog still enjoy a great many teas in bag form, and we're happy to say that Smuggler's Brew is one we've enjoyed!

If all this talk of tea hasn't been to your liking, Cornish Tea also dabble in coffee. There is a small selection of roasts on offer- again, all done in Cornwall- which includes their original blend along with Colombian, French, the ominously named 'stupidly strong' and a decaf version too. They even sell bags of roasted beans if you prefer to grind them yourself.

As we move into November, we feel it would be remiss of us not to remind you of Christmas looming into view. If you have friends and family who are fans of tea (and coffee), be sure to give the Tregothnan estate and Cornish Tea a look for some potential gift ideas!


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