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1-It was during the Age of Discovery that coffee, tea and cocoa were brought to Europe, but how did Spain and Portugal decide who would explore where?

a-an east west split   b-a north south split
c-they went to war   d-they flipped a coin

2-What peculiar drink did Hernán Cortés discover in Central America?

a-tea   b-coffee
c-cocoa   d-ovaltine

3-Which of these drinks was the first to make it to England?

a-tea   b-coffee
c-cocoa   d-coca cola

4-Which spices brought out the worst in Dutch colonialism?

a-cumin and turmeric   b-parsley and sage
c-rosemary and thyme   d-mace and nutmeg   

5-Which plant did the British East India Company manage to break China's monopoly on?

a-tea   b-sugar
c-coffee   d-cocoa

6-Where did sugar originate from?

a-New South Wales   b-New Zealand
c-New Guinea   d-New York

7-Which country introduced coffee to Vietnam?

a-England   b-France
c-Netherlands   d-Portugal

8-Why did British Ceylon switch to growing tea?

a-coffee harvest failed   b-more money to be made
c-people wanted tea   d-coffee was banned

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