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Technological advancement, the growth in online social channels and the development of associated applications related to all spheres of life are moving at an ever increasing pace. But there are points in time where you wonder if someone has just gone too far!

A recent article on the Business Week website highlighted the development of a new application, 'Caffeine Zone', developed by Frank Ritter from Penn State University in the US, which basically tells you when you need to top up your caffeine levels and when you need to pull back on your consumption and switch to something with a lower caffeine content in order to optimise your mental alertness and still be able to sleep at night.

The writer, D Bennett, speaks with intrigue about how the app notifies him of his 'top-up' requirements. However, is this really necessary?

With the provision if quality coffee shop style drinks available in the office through the FLAVIA drinks vending machine, are we not then capable of assessing our own needs for an ALTERRA COFFEE ROASTERS coffee, a calming caffeine free Peppermint Herbal infusion from THE BRIGHT TEA CO., or an indulgent GALAXY hot chocolate?

I certainly know when I could do with a boost from a quality coffee, or when I'd prefer a refreshing herbal tea. I also understand the impact that caffeine has on sleep patterns and tend to drink my coffee during the daytime as opposed to the evening. I'm really not sure that I need an app on my iPhone telling me that I can't venture to the coffee vending machine for another 20 minutes! And I don't believe I'm alone in this!


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