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Coffee appears to be the new wonder drug as a recent article in The Daily Mail claimed that coffee sunscreen 'may ward off skin cancer and wrinkles'.

The article states that the idea comes from US scientists who proved that caffeine instigates the destruction of cells damaged by ultra violet light, leaving healthy cells to thrive. The findings explain previous studies which credited drinking caffeinated – but not decaffeinated - tea and coffee with warding off non-melanoma skin cancer.

This report echoes previous studies, including one involving 93,676 women, which showed that each cup of caffeinated coffee reduced the odds of non-melanoma skin cancer by around 5%.

This work has prompted research into a caffeine-based sunscreen which they say may also promote tanning.

But while we wait for the launch of this product, it may be worth adding that extra cup of coffee to your daily consumption!

Author: Jane Rowe

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