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Did you hang a stocking in front of the fireplace on Christmas Eve 'in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there'? Or perhaps a sock by the radiator? I hope you were happily surprised by Santa's generosity! The sock itself goes back much further than the Christmas tradition associated with it. Humans have been making and wearing socks since they first went to places cold enough to feel need of them. Animal skin tied to the ankles were the makeshift precursor back in the stone age. Of course, as well as serving the vital function of keeping our extremities warm, socks do tend to soak up a lot of sweat. Not a pleasant thought, but valid all the same. And that's where coffee socks come in! As we've discovered before, coffee is more than just a drink.

Ministry of Supply, the innovative, high tech clothing company launched in 2012 out of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, takes its name from the original Ministry of Supply set up in 1939 to oversee the supply of equipment to the British armed forces. The team of engineers, scientists and designers fuse cutting edge technology with men's clothing and one of their most recent innovations to go on sale are Atlas socks. Infused with carbonized coffee, the socks are designed for optimum absorption of sweat and odour. In the spirit of recycling, the coffee used is reclaimed from coffee roasting factories and shops. Their Aeon sweatshirts have also been infused with carbonized coffee to capitalise on the moisture-wicking potential of the fabric used.

So if Santa avoided you this year and you're blaming it on the state of the sock you hung by the chimney, try one of these Atlas coffee socks next time and you could be onto a winner!

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