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We've got another news round up of interesting goings on for you that we just couldn't fit into our regular blogs, and for those looking to learn a little more, we've provided plenty of links to give you some truly riveting background information!

As if Jamaican farmers didn't have enough to worry about what with changing EU laws set to jeapordise cane sugar growers (read about it here), a devastating wild fire has also caused some of the country's coffee farmers a lot of grief. Earlier this month, the fire swept through rural areas and farmland to the east of Kingston, Jamaica's capital city. It has been reported that around 80% of the coffee had already been harvested before the fire broke out, but reestablishing and replanting the farms will involve a lot of hard work, not to mention cost. The state minister for agriculture estimates the farmers will suffer around $180 million in losses over the next three years as they rebuild their farms.

Some more positive coffee farming related news can be found in Vietnam. The country's state run agribank is going to be providing lower interest loans to farmers in the Central Highlands over the next eight years in order to replant old coffee trees. The reason for this is due to the fact that around a third of the country's coffee production is based on these older trees. As they start to produce less, both the farmers and the government will want to be sure new trees are there to pick up the slack. The coffee Vietnam produces is predominantly robusta, but whether some farmers will decide to go for arabica this time around remains to be seen!

We've seen coffee put to a number of uses you wouldn't ordinarily associate with it over the years on the blog, but this next one is something we haven't heard about before. Adam Fairweather of Re-worked has been making something called Curface boards out of used coffee grounds and waste plastic. Combine with a little sustainably sourced wood, and there you have yourself some coffee furniture! It's not the only place it's being used though. Sanremo have incorporated the boards into the casing of their Verde coffee machine, and Rosalie McMillan has mixed it up with gold and silver to make jewellery!

Wrapping up today's blog on a particularly light note is the news that the new royal princess has received a couple of interesting gifts. Holders of a Royal Warrant, Taylors of Harrogate felt it was only proper to send Charlotte her first box of Yorkshire tea, featuring her name prominently and replacing the red band for a pink one. Cadbury, who also hold a Royal Warrant, have excelled themselves and created a chocolate pram. Weighing in at around 12kg, it features fleur-de-lys decoration and even a little chocolate teddy bear!

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