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Whilst those who prefer coffee or tea based on their respective tastes and flavours have nothing to fear, those who make the choice based on the health benefits should pay heed to a new contender: coffee leaf tea. Technically a tisane, c.l.t. revealed surprising properties as researchers examined the leaves.

When studying the leaves from arabica coffee plants, it was found that they contained high levels of a chemical compound called mangiferin. First found in mangoes, the compound possesses some anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic and antioxidant abilities. Along with mangiferin, the coffee leaves possessed higher levels of antioxidant compounds than tea. Combined with this, the leaves contain less caffeine than tea or coffee. The resulting brew has its own distinct flavours and is said to taste earthy- not as bitter as tea, or as strong as coffee.

Consuming c.l.t. is not a new fad- in fact, people in countries such as Ethiopa have enjoyed the drink for some time. The 1800s saw an attempt to introduce it to Britain, though evidently it failed to find a foothold.

Obtaining c.l.t. can be tricky, but it is available in some health shops; so if you're looking for something healthy, with low caffeine and a new taste profile to try out, you can do little better than go out and get your hands on some of this coffee leaf tea!
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