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Coffee in time for Christmas

If you happen to have any coffee drinkers left on your Christmas list, we here at the Kafevend blog have compiled a handy guide to the various Christmas coffee gifts on offer from a variety of  companies- hopefully you'll find something to your (or rather, the coffee drinker's) liking!

Christmas coffee blends

First on the list are the various Christmas blends on offer this year. Taylors, Bettys and Fortnum & Mason all have their own take on a Christmas themed blend. Taylors of Harrogate's limited edition Christmas blend features beans from Latin America and Africa, which combine together to produce a strong brew with notes of chocolate and citrus. Bettys have included Javan beans in the mix to produce a potent cup that will be sure to perk you right up even on those dark winter mornings. Fortnum & Mason have blended together Indian, Ethiopian and Guatemalan coffee beans, resulting in a cup that features hints of spice, caramel, chocolate and dried fruit, which sounds like no small achievement!

Coffee hampers

There are various hampers around too if you are looking for a more elaborate present. Returning to Bettys once again, ther are products ranging from a simple bundle of their Christmas coffee blend and a caddy, to a coffee & treats box, featuring two coffee blends, dark chocolate coated almonds and cantucci biscuits- fine accompaniments to a cup of coffee. Whittard have various hampers on offer: alongside a selection of coffees, there are a variety of collections of coffees, cups and cafetieres- these might work well as a gift for someone new to the world of coffee! Finally in the world of hampers we have Bollands of Chester. Their offerings range from a selection of their finely flavoured coffees right up to a gadget lover's wildest dream, with a hamper containing an espresso maker, coffee grinder, cafetiere and caddy- as well as some coffee to use with it, obviously!

Christmas at coffee shops

Whilst you may like to order your presents online these days, hitting the high street will mean you also get to take some time out to try the various Christmassy themed coffees on offer from the usual suspects. Caffe Nero, Costa and Starbucks have all taken the season to heart and are offering suitably themed coffees. Starbucks have a Christmas blend on offer in stores, and you can even buy a packet it you want to make it at home. Costa have whipped up a gingerbread latte, a honeycomb latte and a salted caramel cappuccino- you might have to make a few trips to try all of them! Caffe Nero on the other hand have decided to give you some freedom in designing your latte: select from a range of flavours such as praline, amaretto and spiced orange and then finish with whipped cream or marshmallows- or both, of course.

Hopefully we've given you some food for thought here; be sure to check out the links for a closer look at the dazzling array of coffee on offer this Christmas!

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