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Coffee in an instant

While most of us enjoy a quality cup of coffee when we're out and about, not everyone is as committed to the cause on the home front. As a nation, convenience drinks endeared themselves to us long before convenience foods; we're thinking here of teabags and instant coffee of course. Of the two it was instant coffee that we became enamoured of first; it was popularised during World War 2, whereas it took until the 1980s for the teabag to gain even 50% of the UK market in tea. Although many people are loathe to drink a coffee at home that hasn't been prepared via a cafetière, filter machine, or even a vacuum brewer, there are many more who reach for that jar of instant or increasingly their coffee pod machine. Today's blog looks at how coffee companies are trying to cater for those of us who want the best of both worlds- convenience and a great taste experience.

Be quick about it!

For starters, instant these days doesn't have to mean a bumper sized jar of lacklustre coffee; there's plenty of variety to choose from including an array of wholebean instants, which though more pricey, are generally agreed to be worth the extra expense. Wholebean instant coffees contain a proportion of finely ground coffee beans. Well known brands such as Nescafé, Carte Noir and Kenco all have wholebean versions on the supermarket shelves and even coffee experts admit that if your lifestyle precludes faffing about with coffee paraphernalia, wholebean instant is a good alternative.


For those who like their gadgets, but still aren't prepared for much in the way of effort there's the coffee pod machine. First developed in the USA in the 1990s as an office based product, k-cup pods went on to spawn a host of single serve capsule machines. While coffee enthusiasts have criticised this method as comprising both freshness and quality, not to mention being environmentally unsound because of the level of waste produced, the pod has nevertheless gained a strong foothold in the coffee market. Ultimately, there are those in the third wave of coffee who have decided to embrace the pod as another means of reaching a wider audience, with roasters developing quality coffee pods that are compatible with popular pod brand names.

One such individual is none other than triple UK barista championship winner, Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood. Based in a prime spot in the Roman city of Bath, the company is getting ready to launch pods of speciality coffee that will fit into the Nespresso. Customers will be able to make a choice from three different coffee genres: Foundation, Discovery and Rare. Foundation pods will be representative of the third wave coffee movement with clean, aromatic quality coffee. Discovery pods will contain more unusual coffees, while Rare will encompass very exclusive coffees. Available to purchase as beans too, the three genres will doubtless be accessible to a wider section of coffee lovers because of the convenience and ease of the pod machine. Those of us who have no confidence in our own barista abilities, or indeed no inclination to develop them, need never drink inferior coffee again!


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