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Coffee history quiz

1.What animal did Kaldi herd?

a-sheep   b-camels
c-cattle   d-goats

2.Where did Pieter van der Broecke steal coffee from in the 17th century?

a-Turkey   b-Ethiopia
c-Yemen   d-Egypt

3.Which city discovered coffee after it was laid siege to by the Ottoman empire?

a-Vienna   b-Naples
c-Rome   d-Munich

4.Which country created the espresso?

a-USA   b-Portugal
c-Italy   d-Denmark

5.When was instant coffee invented?

a-1881   b-1890
c-1910   d-1938

6.Where was the French Press invented?

a-Italy   b-France
c-Sweden   d-Belgium

7.Which country brought the world 3D latte art?

a-Italy   b-Japan
c-Switzerland   d-Vietnam

8. Which unlikely venue received its first ever espresso machine last year?

a-The Arctic Research Station   b-The Taj Mahal
c-The Vatican      d-The International Space Station

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