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Having looked at tea as a potential Christmas present last week, it's high time to consider our other favourite hot drink, coffee, for the same purpose. Here's a round up of some of the seasonal coffee products available:

Taylor's of Harrogate are selling a limited edition 'Christmas Blend Ground Coffee', a combination of dark roasted beans from Latin America, for a rich chocolate tone, and aromatic Ethiopian coffee beans. Together they form a bold coffee to go with the rich flavours of the Christmas season.

Taylor's partner company Bettys have their own 'Christmas Coffee Pack' for sale. Beans from Java, Africa and Latin America are blended in this limited edition to produce a rich, but smooth tasting coffee with chocolate hints.

Recently formed company, Brown Bear, have blended beans from Honduras and Brazil to produce a bold, smoky coffee that complements the strong traditional flavours of Christmas.
Another coffee specially produced for the season ahead is Fortnum and Mason's 'Christmas Blend 2013', combining Old Brown Java and an Ethiopia Heirloom variety, dark roasted to bring out “notes of dried fruits and dark chocolate”.

As well as coffees specially blended for Christmas, there are also companies offering festively flavoured coffees:
Whittard present their 'Festive Christmas Pudding Flavour Ground Coffee', with all the warmth and spiciness that one associates with the UK's favourite Christmas day dessert. (They also have Christmas pudding flavour 'Winter Warmer Hot Chocolate'.)

Beanies, a company specialising in flavoured coffees, offers 'Christmas Pudding' flavoured coffee in various formats – ground or instant, decaffeinated or not. Alternatively, 'Christmas Nights' has chocolate and cognac notes.

Happy Christmas shopping!

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