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We like to keep our eyes peeled for delicious but unusual coffee ideas here at the blog. This time we think we may have hit the jackpot... with yoghurt! So here's a tip off for all you coffee addicts out there and it comes from a company called 'The Collective'.

Now before you start thinking of the typical little pots of strawberry yoghurt you'd maybe add to a school lunch box, let's set the record straight; we're not talking any old yoghurt here! The company specialise in gourmet yoghurt, the kind you would happily eat for pudding and not be left wanting. Their coffee yoghurt is made with lightly roasted arabica beans sourced from Colombia. It put us in mind of the delicious taste of tiramisu, but don't hang around if we've whetted your appetite; it's part of the company's limited edition range and will only be available until the end of April.

The Collective started life in New Zealand after chefs Angus Allan and Ofer Shenhav got together to try their hand in the dairy market, specifically high end yoghurt. The products aren't shipped all the way from New Zealand; that would be a very long journey for a dairy product! Instead they're made to the New Zealand recipes in a Somerset dairy, with milk from West Country cows. There's lots of  flavours on offer and we can recommend the passion fruit if coffee's not your thing. Here at the blog we've sourced ours from Sainsburys and Waitrose, but investigation suggests they're also available from a variety of High Street shops and supermarket chains such as the Co-op, Boots and Tesco. Ocado stock the full range.

So what other great coffee desserts are out there? One we mentioned earlier and perhaps the best loved of all is tiramisu, which for the benefit of anyone who's never tasted it, is layered like a trifle, but contains espresso, mascarpone and marsala in place of jelly, custard and sherry. Although its origin is disputed, it would appear to be a comparatively recent Italian invention and one that we've visited before on the blog with Nigella's quick and easy version that makes use of Baileys. It's definitely worth a go, so check out the recipe if you get the chance!

If you need something even simpler to encourage you to get into the kitchen, then we've found a coffee dessert from food writer and broadcaster, Nigel Slater, that combines just two ingredients and requires no cooking at all. All you need for his take on coffee ice cream is a litre of ready made custard and 200ml of coffee. Simply pour the custard into a freezer proof container, stir in the coffee so the two are well combined and then place carefully in the freezer. One note of caution – you do need to remember to give your ice cream a stir every hour until it sets to prevent ice crystals from forming. The ice cream should set and be ready for testing within about three hours. We needed no second bidding to have a go and discovered that a good quality ready made custard works best and obviously it's better to go with espresso or left over filter coffee for a stronger coffee hit. Bear in mind that the ice cream will be ready for eating within about three hours. If you leave it in the freezer until the next day it's best to remove it for a spell of defrosting prior to serving. Bon appetit!

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