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Coffee cocktails

We've bamboozled you lately with ideas of gifts for you to get for your tea and coffee drinking friends and family- but what about something for you? We hope to remedy that problem today with a look at a collection of somewhat more exciting coffees for you to enjoy over the festive season- join us then as we consider the coffee cocktail!

A dram of whiskey

Up first is a familiar one for your consideration- Irish coffee. It's a nice and simple one to put together: mix 2 parts Irish whiskey with 4 parts hot coffee and a teaspoon of brown sugar, then pour 1.5 parts fresh cream over the top. Ideally the cream should sit on top of the coffee- you can make this easier by pouring it into the drink over the back of a spoon. Then you can drink the coffee through the cream- keeping them separate like this will give you a different taste than if you had mixed it all up together. Of course, an even easier version is to reach for your bottle of Baileys Irish cream and just mix some of that into your coffee- whatever works for you!

If you like your Irish cream but want to try something a little different, you might like the B-52. This coktail features equal parts coffee liqueur, Irish cream and an orange flavoured liqueur. The coffee is poured into a shot glass followed by the cream and then the orange liqueur. Like the Irish coffee, the cream and orange liqueur are poured in carefully using a spoon in order to make three separate layers- this one is quite a looker!

A shot of vodka

Up next for your consideration is a quartet of vodka based coffee cocktails, starting with the familiar Black Russian. This one is simple: mix 5 parts vodka with 2 parts coffee liqueur and serve over ice- done! If you fancy something a little milder, the White Russian may suit you: do as above, but include 3 parts cream or milk. You can mix it straight in or pour it in over the back of a spoon as with the Irish coffee and B-52.

If you think a Black Russian isn't potent enough, you might like to try Karsk. This is a Norwegian cocktail which can use vodka, but ideally uses moonshine- that is, pure alcohol. The name comes from the Old Norse karskr, meaning healthy, vigorous or agile, though it would be tricky to be any of these things after a few drinks of Karsk, we reckon! Karsk is made using equal amounts of regular hot coffee and moonshine, although the ratio may (hopefully) be skewed more towards the coffee if the alcohol being used is particularly strong.

We'll end today with the Espresso Martini. This is another chilled drink like the Black & White Russian featuring vodka, but as its name suggests features a strong hit of coffee. An Espresso Martini is made by mixing 5 parts vodka, 1 part coffee liqueur, 1 shot of Espresso and sugar syrup to taste in a cocktail shaker along with ice. It is served in a Martini glass (despite not technically being a Martini!) and is often garnished with a few coffee beans.

Hopefully we've given you a few ideas for your Christmas parties today- there are more coffee cocktails out there, so we may gather together another compilation soon!

P.S. We know you're sensible folks, so we hope it goes without saying that you should drink responsibly!

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