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Here's something that I managed to miss back when looking at coffee world records- the world's largest coffee bean mosaic. The record is currently held by a Russian artist named Arkady Kim. With the aid of a small team of volunteers, they created a 30m square image in Moscow's Gorky Central Park. 397 lb of coffee was used, with the beans roasted to different degrees in order to create variations in colour before being glued to a wall. The image shows a woman turning to face a cup of coffee, from which wafts the 'aroma'. I'm sure you could get a whiff of it stood downwind of the thing.

Kim's entry superceded that of the Albanian artist Saimir Strati. His, weighing in at 309 lbs and measuring 25m squared, is nevertheless an impressive spectacle. There is certainly much more going on in Strati's piece, which portrays African and Japanese drummers, a Brazilian dancer, a European accordionist and an American Country and Western-style guitarist.

Strati is no stranger to mosaics or world records however, having created several other record breaking works using a variety of materials- nails to portray Leonardo Da Vinci and paintbrushes to portray Michael Jackson to name but two.

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