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Generally we hardly bat an eyelid when coffee is paired up with other foodstuffs: coffee cake, coffee liqueurs, coffee pancakes even. And as for coffee and chocolate, well they go hand in hand, don't they? The ever popular café mocha is proof of that. Sometimes though, the pairings are less obvious. Walkers Crisps' American counterpart were offering cappuccino crisps back in the summer. We didn't get to try them over here, but we've recently encountered another unusual coffee pairing that we can buy here in the UK, blackcurrant and coffee cordial!

Premium soft drinks company, Bottlegreen, have launched the drink as part of their limited edition range. While most of their products are available in a wide cross section of UK supermarkets, the blackcurrant and coffee cordial is only available at Waitrose, the store that was first to sell the company's products back in 1990.

It was twenty five years ago that married couple, Kit and Shireen Morris, planted vines with a view to starting up their own elderflower wine business. Keen foragers among you will be aware that the elderflower season is quite brief, the bushes typically begin to flower in May and are over by the end of June, or early part of July. Eager to get going, the Morrises experimented with elderflower cordial as they waited for their vines to mature. They soon discovered they'd come up trumps when they took their wares to local farmers markets and, as a result, decided to concentrate their efforts on the high end soft drinks market instead.

For those looking for an alternative to squash or fruit juice, the company offers an extensive range of cordials: ginger and lemongrass, apple and plum, or morello cherry are but a few of the flavours to whet our appetites. There are also sparkling pressés and flavoured tonic waters to enhance your gin or vodka! Bottlegreen's reputation has spread considerably too, with customers to the east and west in Japan and Canada, and as far south as Australia.  

Like most of their cordials, the blackcurrant and coffee variety can be enjoyed as either a hot or cold drink. We've tried it each way and can recommend either. The blackcurrant flavour is the first to hit the palate with its sharp refreshing tang, with the dark roasted coffee arriving a little after. For those of us who complain that coffee is too bitter, this is a good alternative. Although Bottlegreen products do contain sugar, there are no artificial sweeteners or preservatives, so you can rest assured that you're drinking only natural ingredients. The company takes the 'green' part of its name seriously too with sustainability at the heart of its manufacturing decisions. Their bottles are all made in the UK, as many ingredients as possible are sourced locally and all the water used in their products comes from a well on their Cotswolds site.

So if you're getting bored of the same old drinks, or simply fancy trying something a bit different, pop along to your local Waitrose and give the blackcurrant and coffee option a go!

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