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A walk down the hot drinks aisle of any supermarket soon reveals the overwhelming choice we all have when it comes to coffee- but how much do you know about the companies behind the coffee? Have a go at answering our quiz and check back later in the week for the answers.


1.Where did the founder of illy, Francesco Illy, come from?


A-Hungary   B-Italy

C-Switzerland   D-France


2.Which company was the first to sell fairtrade coffee in the UK?


A-Whittard   B-Nescafé

C-Cafédirect D-Starbucks


3.What colour is the seal on the Douwe Egberts label?


A-Blue   B-Red

C-Purple   D-Green


4.Which country did brothers Sergio and Bruno Costa found Costa coffee in?


A-Holland   B-Luxembourg

C-Italy   D-Britain


5.What is the main ingredient in Camp Coffee?


A-Acorns   B-Chicory

C-Hazelnuts   D-Coffee


6.In the early days, how did Kenco sell most of their coffee?


A-Mail order   B-in store

C-Market stall   D-Online


7.In which city was Lavazza founded?


A-Rome   B-Turin

C-Milan   D-Florence


8.Where did the name Maxwell House come from?


A-A restaurant   B-A hospital

C-A stately home   D-A hotel

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