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The Côte d Ivoire, or Ivory Coast, began producing cocoa along with coffee and palm oil under French colonial rule. In the New Imperialism period (1870-1914), much of Africa was colonised by European powers, an act known as the 'scramble for Africa'.

The Ivory Coast became the leading producer of cocoa in 1978 when it overtook Ghana; Ghana itself has since been overtaken by Indonesia as well. Overall, West Africa produces around two thirds of the world's total cocoa.

Unfortunately, there is a great deal of controversy surrounding cocoa farming due to the extensive use of child labour. The Ivory Coast in particular has come under intense scrutiny due to allegations and later reports on child slave labour.

Top ten coffee producing countries*:

1. Côte d Ivoire - 1,242           2. Indonesia - 844
3. Ghana - 632                        4. Nigeria - 399
5. Cameroon - 264                  6. Brazil - 235
7. Ecuador -132                      8. Togo - 102
9. Dominican Republic - 58     10. Peru – 47

* 2010 results from the FAOSTAT site; units show thousand metric tons, rounded.

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