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1.Which continent did cocoa come from?

a-America   b-Africa
c-Antarctica  d-Australia

2.Which traditional implement is better than a spoon for stirring your hot chocolate?

a-Chinois   b-Molinillo
c-Donabe   d-Rallador

3.Who first brought cocoa beans to Europe?

a-Columbus   b-Cabot
b-Cavendish   d-Cortés

4.Which country prefers to drink chocolate rather than eat it?

a-Mexico   b- Mozambique
c-Malta   d-Malaysia

5.Which of the following often accompanies hot chocolate in Spain?

a-Brindis   b-Rosquillas
c-Pasteles   d-Churros

6.Where did the British go to enjoy a drink of cocoa when it first became popular?

a-At home   b-Chocolateries
c-Chocolate houses   d-Cocoa houses

7.In which European city did the first chocolatiers receive their training?

a-Geneva   b-Turin
c-Paris   d-Barcelona

8.Which bean is to forastero as arabica is to robusta?

a-Crespo   b-Erizo
c-Criollo   d-Zorro

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