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Deep in the heart of East Anglia is the small market town of Eye. Odd to find a place named for a body part I mused, before discovering that it derives from the old English for island and that Eye was once an area of higher dry ground surrounded by marshes. Odd too perhaps that nestled within this out of the way place should be a top quality chocolaterie that would do a French High Street proud. Given that we can all benefit from mouth watering chocolate now and again and that being tucked away in the north of Suffolk is no bar to the inclusive outreach of the internet, Kafevend blog decided to investigate further!

We are led to believe that everyone has a talent for something or other, but of course there are many multi-talented individuals out there who leave us lesser mortals in the shade. One such is Helen Fraser. Having for many years pursued a successful career in motoring journalism which included a short stint on the ever popular BBC programme, Top Gear, she retrained in 1999 as a caterer. Increasingly drawn to the fascinating art of hand made chocolates, she took a course at Callebaut Chocolate Academy and has been creating a wealth of scrumptious chocolates ever since. Helen uses single origin chocolate and strives to include locally sourced ingredients where possible, including honey, lavender, apples, raspberries, cream and chillies from Mendlesham Chilli Farm.

Helen's chocolaterie business was named 'Cocoa Mama' by her then 10 year old daughter and in time moved from her own home to premises on Eye's Broad Street. Customers can go in for a tea, coffee or hot chocolate and choose from handmade pralines, truffles, chocolate bars, cakes and desserts. Anyone who's feeling sorely tempted but not likely to be in the vicinity of Eye, can browse the array of some 30 different chocolates online before phoning through their order. And because these are handmade using fresh ingredients there's no reason to make them last too long!

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