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Now the UK's sixth largest tea company, Clipper Teas began from very humble beginnings. The company is the result of the hard work of Mike and Lorraine Brehme, who first sold tea from their kitchen in Dorset in 1984, after receiving two chests of high quality Assam tea. Early on, they decided to steer an ethically minded course, and after getting involved with FairTrade sold their first FairTrade tea a decade later in 1994.

Clipper Teas remains dedicated to selling FairTrade tea to this day. Their range includes a wide variety of high quality black, green and white teas, and also includes more specialised fare like Earl Grey and redbush tea. Along with a selection of tisanes containing various herbs, fruits and spices, they also sell a range of coffees and hot chocolates, also ethically sourced.

Their company name is derived from the (tea) clipper, a type of sailing vessel that was prominent from 1843 to 1869. The rise of the clipper occurred as the British East India Company finally met its demise. Suddenly, the method of trade changed from bulk hauling to speed, as indpendent merchants sought to fetch the highest prices for tea in London, with the best pay going to whoever got there first. The clipper was the epitome of sail- whilst it couldn't carry much, it could carry it very quickly. Races were held between crews, with the winners being cheered into the harbour by large crowds. There were even collectable cards, such was their popularity.

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