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1.In which country will you find speculaas biscuits?

a-Denmark   b-Netherlands
c-Norway   d-Sweden

2.When was the first Terry's chocolate orange made?

a-1911   b-1926
c-1931   d-1945

3.Who might thump you on the head with a broomstick if you spot them?

a-La Befana   b-Santa Claus
c-Sinterklaas   d-Baba Chaghaloo

4.What don't you find in mince pies?

a-raisins   b-candied peel
c-spices   d-mince

5.Which spirit do you find in advocaat?

a-rum   b-brandy
c-whisky   d-vodka

6.What order might a sailor be grateful for?

a-beat to quarters   b- hoist the mainsail
c-splice the mainbrace   d-go aloft

7.Where don't you get snow?

a-Christmas Island   b-Greenland
c-Chile   d-Iceland

8.Where do turkeys come from?

a-Turkey   b-North America
c-Azerbaijan   d-South Africa

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