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There are lots of stories about caffeine, its effects, the amount present in your daily brew and the disruption to the working day caused by boiling kettles to make drinks for your co-workers.

This fabulous infographic from ‘Life in the Office’ Blog delivers some fascinating, fun and informative facts about coffee consumption in the office.

Did you know, for example, that on average 190 days are lost per employee over a lifetime for them to get the coffees in! And it’s not surprising if they have to wash up the cups, boil kettles, or even walk to the local coffee shop to place the order.

It’s well worth considering an alternative to the kettle that is more energy efficient, saves time and still enables those coffee drinkers to get their caffeine, but also provides a wide range of teas, herbals and chocolate to meet the broader needs of the office staff.

FLAVIA ® Creation C400 machines are great for offices, board rooms, receptions, showrooms, salons and spas, and are a cost effective way to serve quality drinks, swiftly, keeping staff, customers, and the boss happy!

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Author: Jane Rowe

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