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Do you ever wonder why you persist in drinking coffee? Why you don't just get rid of the bitter bit and drink the milk and sugar instead? You might have a cause to rejoice, as I tell you about the Cafe Mocha. The drink is essentially hot chocolate, but with a shot of espresso added. "What?" I hear you cry- "I thought we were trying to avoid coffee!"- Hear me out.

A mocha is a variation of a latte; it retains the espresso and hot milk of a latte, but adds chocolate, and typically other toppings associated with hot chocolate. There are a couple of variations as to how the chocolate is added. One way is to use cocoa powder, such as you might use to make your own hot chocolate at home. Another is to use chocolate syrup, a sweet sticky mixture normally made out of cocoa powder and sugar mixed in water.

With the chocolate milk base, and the espresso shot resting on top, the drink is finished either with the traditional frothy milk found in a cappuccino, or topped with whipped cream akin to a hot chocolate, along with a dusting of cinnamon or cocoa powder, and perhaps even marshmallows for the much needed sugar boost that had been lacking thus far.

Other than its association with the chocolate drink, the name Mocha is also applied to a couple of other things.The first is the Mocha coffee bean, smaller and rounder than most. In antiquity, it was said to have a chocolate like taste, and as such probably lent its name to the cafe mocha. Finally there is the port city Mocha itself, located on the west coast of Yemen accessing the Red Sea. This port was made famous trading coffee for around two hundred years from the 15th century onwards.

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