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Moving on from Digestives and Rich Tea, our next stop is the Bourbon biscuit. Having weighed up the merits of both the Bourbon and the Custard Cream before deciding which sandwich cream biscuit to write about, I found myself influenced by my preference for the taste of cocoa over custard. Additionally, on a purely aesthetic level, I prefer the long rectangular dimensions of the Bourbon and at a 'playing with one's food' level, I've always enjoyed more success at separating a Bourbon's layers through a series of careful nibbles than a Custard Cream's!

Bourbons have been a popular accompaniment to a cup of tea, or indeed coffee, for over a century now. Peek Frean's, the biscuit company since taken over by Kraft Foods, established a factory in Bermondsey in 1866 and began producing them in 1910. However, back then they went by the name Creola. This was later changed to Bourbon, which some believe was in tribute to the House of Bourbon, the royal dynasty which held thrones in France, Spain and Italy. It certainly had nothing to do with the addition of whiskey to the recipe; I've checked! Maybe they just decided on a relaunch. I dare say there were stick in the muds back then who insisted on still calling them Creolas, rather as I stubbornly refer to Opal Fruits, but ultimately Bourbon won the day and has been the name used by every company who have made them ever since.

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