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Whether you live near Bath or not, it's a city with such a magnetic pull that you're bound to find yourself there once in a while. The Roman Baths, Jane Austen links and beautiful Georgian architecture are a massive draw, but so too are the shops; the rambling alleys are lined with chic boutiques and quirky 'one offs', while the main thoroughfares contain all the big High Street names. At some point during the day you'll want to stop to rest and eat. Perhaps the most well known eateries are The Pump Room and Sally Lunn's, and yet the less well known can be equally rewarding and often less expensive.

One such establishment is Bea's Vintage Tea Room, situated on Saville Row, to the rear of the Assembly Rooms and Fashion Museum. The period of history celebrated here is the comparatively recent 1930s and '40s. Each table is covered in a hand embroidered tablecloth and then there are the ornaments, display cabinets, ceiling lights, bevelled mirrors, crockery and teapots which all combine to create the ambience of the period, further enhanced by the music playing gently in the background. Tucked away in this soothing environment, down one of Bath's quieter alleys, you'll find it hard to tear yourself away again!

Nevertheless, tea rooms can't survive on atmosphere alone, what about the food? Well, single origin coffees and a comprehensive selection of teas are available. A tiny three minute timer is brought out with the teapot, so you can time your tea to perfection. The breakfast and lunch menus offer simple and wholesome choices; I can vouch for the macaroni cheese! And then there's the mouthwatering array of homemade cakes and the option to indulge in either an afternoon tea or high tea, at affordable prices. When you next find yourself in Bath, longing for a cup of tea, you know where to head.

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