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Bean to Cup Coffee Varieties

There has been a recent explosion in popularity of so-called 'bean to cup' coffee machines, which give you quality, freshly-ground cafe style coffee.

Kafevend provides a range of bean to cup machines for the workplace, which make for a fantastic addition to the office - and are a great way to impress visitors and please your colleagues.

A bean to cup coffee machine opens up a whole new world of variety and choice of coffee beans to choose from - the kind of choice that anyone with a standard coffee-maker or vending machine simply won't be getting.

Here we have a guide to some of the most-popular coffee bean varieties for your bean to cup machine...

Coffee bean varieties are generally named after the country and region or plantation in which they are grown. Few coffee-drinkers really appreciate the diversity in flavour from one type of bean to the next, until they begin to sample some of the different types available with a bean to cup coffee machine.

Sumatra beans: Indonesia is one of the most prevalent coffee-growing regions in the world - and Sumatra produces some of the highest quality arabica coffee available.

Sumatra beans include the Mandheling and Lintong varieties, both of which are quite distinctive and different from each other in taste. Sumatra Mandheling coffee beans have a rich taste, while the Lintong variety are a more medium-bodied and sweet flavour.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe: From the southern regions of Ethiopia, these beans offer a medium-bodied flavour with undertones of chocolate and citrus. Ethiopian Yirgacheffe beans are one of the most distinctive and easily recognisable flavours.

Java: Another Indonesian coffee-growing island, Java coffee beans are perhaps the most-popular of the Indonesian region coffees, originating from the Blaway, Djampit, Kayumas and Pancoer growing estates. Java beans produce smooth-tasting, popular coffees enjoyed by all.

Papua New Guinea: An exotic Pacific island off the north-Australia coast, Papua New Guinea is renowned for its mild, mellow flavoured coffee beans. Papua New Guinea's coffee industry actually originated in Jamaica, as it began with cultivation of imported beans from the Blue Mountains in Jamaica. As a result, coffees from Papua New Guinea bear a strong resemblance to Jamaican varieties.

Colombia: Colombian coffee beans are extremely common and popular worldwide. They deliver a mild and clean taste - be it from the Excelso or Supremo varieties (which refers to the size of the bean - Supremo being the larger of the two).

Jamaican Blue Mountain: Perhaps the most exclusive, premium variety of coffee bean available today come from the high slopes of the Jamaican Blue Mountains. A relatively small level of production nowadays means they are much harder to come by - but are still a well-renowned and much sought-after (hence expensive) bean.

Modern bean to cup coffee machines open up a whole new world for the coffee-lover to explore in terms of the variety of tastes between beans from different regions worldwide. The best way to find out more for yourself is to simply get involved, get yourself a bean to cup machine and get brewing!

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