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As mentioned yesterday, Austria has a a celebrated coffee culture, but isn't renowned for its tea. Nevertheless, there is a particular type of tea which they do very well, and is one that might be worth looking into as the dark nights draw in and the temperature starts to fall. Yes, you've guessed it – it's an alcoholic tea.

Comparable to mulled wine or a hot toddy, Jägertee is essentially strong black tea laced with spiced rum. It can be purchased as a ready made drink in Austria, but can easily be made from scratch too. There are many variations on the theme, but the Austrian National Tourist Office suggests using equal parts:
black tea, spiced rum, red wine, orange juice, plum brandy/schnapps, stirred together in a pan with the addition of 2/3 cloves, ¼ cinnamon stick and slices of lemon. The liquid needs to be brought to a gentle simmer and kept there for 5 minutes. And there you have Jägertee, which translates as hunter tea.

If that sounds rather too potent for your liking, one of Austria's most popular soft drinks is Almdudler. The name is a reference to Alpine meadows and this lemonade drink contains no fewer than 32 natural Alpine herbs. It's been on the market in Austria since 1957. The family business sees its brand as a soft drink embodying the Austrian way of life, an image which is accentuated by the bottle label with its cheery cartoon picture of a couple wearing traditional Alpine garb.

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