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Anyone for alcoholic coffee? No, I don't mean enjoying an Irish coffee- I mean actual alcohol, made from coffee. Whilst it may seem a little odd, I suppose after a moment's thought it's not that peculiar, particularly when you consider that folk make booze using things like rice, milk, honey, potatoes and carrots. This particular variation on a theme was reported in the media back in August, so I have Time magazine to thank for bringing it up again as one of their twenty five best inventions of the past year.

A group of researchers at the Minho university in Portugal created the drink, following methods not far removed from those used to create other types of alcohol. Taking used coffee grounds, they dried them out before heating them in water for 45 minutes, then removed the liquid and added sugar and yeast. The mixture was left to ferment before being concentrated to up the alcohol content, eventually resulting in a pretty potent brew.

They even got in a small group to taste it, though it wasn't exactly a resounding success. Apparently, it smells just like coffee (not exactly surprising) and left a bitter and pungent taste (ditto). I'm not quite sure what they were expecting. The testers did however suggest that allowing the drink to age might have some positive effects on the taste, as is the case with whisky for example. It doesn't seem to have much going for it when you take into consideration the fact that most of the caffeine is lost in the process too!

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