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Advent is from the Latin adventus and means 'coming'. For Christians it's the time spent waiting and preparing for the celebration of Jesus' birth, while simultaneously considering his 'second coming'.  Although our experience of advent calendars leads us to believe that December 1st marks the beginning of advent, it's not quite that simple; there are four Sundays in advent and so advent begins four clear Sundays before Christmas day. Having said all that, this year it did indeed begin yesterday, on Sunday 1st December.

Hand made advent calendars are thought to have been around since the mid nineteenth century, with the printed variety first appearing in Germany in the early years of the twentieth century. They gained in popularity there until rationing of paper and card during the war caused production to be suspended, beginning again in 1946.

Nowadays there are a vast array to choose from across the western world, both religious and secular. Chocolate advent calendars are de rigueur in many households. Mars, Cadbury, Lindt, Thorntons and Hotel Chocolat are just a few of the names involved in producing an enticing selection. Perhaps less well known is the availability of tea advent calendars, with a different blend behind each door. Austrian company, Sonnentor, have one available through Amazon. A rather more expensive calendar, produced by a German company, is available through cupoftea.uk.com. eBay come up trumps with a very reasonably priced tea calendar from the Czech Republic. So the opportunity for tea lovers to anticipate Christmas is available, but there would appear to be a gap in the market for a UK company to have a go. Come on Twinings or Whittard, let's have one for next year!

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