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We have put together a helpful list of 5 top coffee blogs to keep track of next year. They all have something slightly different to offer coffee lovers such as coffee from a cultural perspective, coffee tasting or how to make the perfect coffee in your own home. Take a look at the blogs below and enhance your coffee knowledge to be on your way to making the perfect cup of coffee.

1. Dear Coffee, I Love You – Cultural Coffee

The name says it all. Dear Coffee, I Love You delves into the tantalising world of coffee with articles and reviews. This blog isn’t just about coffee itself, it touches on cultural themes and promotes farmers and genuinely high quality coffee. Check out their recent article about a unique coffee bar in Japan with strict social rules http://www.dearcoffeeiloveyou.com/irukaya-coffee-shop-a-principled-sanctuary/

2. Coffee Cup News – Quirky Coffee Stories

This is a brilliant all round coffee themed site with a variety of interesting content about coffee. Coffee Cup News tries to connect people with good tasting coffee and provides tips and helpful industry news. This blog satisfies coffee lovers need for the latest updates in the coffee sector and an insight into innovative ways different companies sell coffee.

Their recent article about a new ‘plain terms’ coffee menu is really fascinating. It touches on the reality that terms used in coffee shops confuse a lot people when they are trying to order. They also pick up on useful coffee deals and quirky stories about brands. Check out their humorous ‘StarBucks Sucks’ post here http://coffeecupnews.org/starbucks-sucks/

3. Has Bean Coffee – Weekly Coffee Tasting

Stephen is a charismatic character who is absolutely nuts about coffee. He claims his hobbies are coffee, coffee, coffee and this is definitely conveyed through his passionate advice and ‘inmymug’ videos. You can check out all the episodes here http://www.inmymug.com/ Discover where he sources his coffee from and follow him on his trips to create the perfect coffee blend. We predict he will have some insightful revelations to reveal to the coffee world in 2013.

4. Brewed Coffee – For Serious Coffee Addicts

Brewed Coffee is for the serious coffee fans out there, as their slogan says, ‘For Caffeine Addicts Only’.  Do you spend your day wondering what goes best with coffee or what the most memorable coffee scenes in films are? If so, this should be at the top of the list of coffee blogs to follow next year. This blog covers everything from recommending award winning coffee shops to traditional coffee activities such as ‘cupping’.

5. Make Good Coffee – Make Better Coffee at Home

Marc is a coffee blogger who genuinely wants to help people make better coffee at home. His website is broken down into handy sections with a range of insider tips. Marc’s latest post on ‘Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover’ is great because it suggests some delightful little gifts right in time for Christmas. If you want to be a true coffee buff then check out ‘Javatrekker’ which follows the story of a coffee roaster around the world. The wall mounted coffee house key hook is a lovely little homely gift for a coffee addict.

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