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A great taste isn't the only quality coffee beans possess- there are a few other things you can use it for. See how a few of its different traits can serve you well!

Coffee smells like coffee!

  • You can use coffee beans to get rid of odors. Try putting a few on a small dish or in a sock and leaving them in the shoe cupboard or your sock draw.
  • After using particularly pungent foodstuffs such as garlic, you can rub your hands with coffee grounds to get rid of the smell.

Please note, both of these techniques basically make it smell of coffee. The idea is you probably prefer the smell of coffee.

  • Ants don't like it, fleas don't like it and some garden pests don't like it. Try laying coffee grounds around anthills or around plants you want to protect, as well as using it when washing your pet.
  • It can make that piece of dog eared paper look like it's older that it really is!
It's abrasive!

  • Try using coffee grounds to help clean tough patches on dishes, pans and the like.
  • Add coffee grounds to your soap as you wash to help get rid of dead skin.
  • It can make your hair shiny if you rub it in when washing!

It's organic!

  • You can add coffee grounds to your compost bin.
  • By themselves, you can use coffee grounds to help a number of plants that flourish in acidic soil.

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