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I suppose everyone has their own list of core staples that go into the supermarket trolley each week: bread, milk, potatoes, carrots, ham, cheese and Tunnock's Caramel Wafers. Yes, the last mentioned might sound like an indulgent treat to the Spartans among you, but it's an absolute 'must have' as far as I'm concerned. Anyone looking for a richer, more fulfilling biscuit accompaniment to their tea or coffee, than the Digestive or Rich Tea can provide, need look no further.

Having delved into the history and current status of Tunnock's, my devotion to this lovely chocolate biscuit seems justified by more than taste alone. It remains a family owned business, with its current factory situated a hundred yards away from the place that Thomas Tunnock opened his first bakery in Uddingston, just south east of Glasgow, back in 1890. In all the years I've been eating Caramel Wafers the product and the packaging have remained constant; there's been no constant tinkering as so often happens, the result being a taste that conforms to childhood memories and a metallic/ paper wrapper that you can still fashion into a little walking stick whenever the mood takes you!

Milk Chocolate Caramel Wafers come in red and gold wrappers, while the wrappers for the plain chocolate variety are blue and gold. The chocolate, like the caramel, is made on site and one of the key ingredients is condensed milk. It's not just us Brits who are fans either, with export markets as far apart as Ghana and Newfoundland and a particularly strong following in the Middle East.

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