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As a nation we drink around 165 million cups of tea every day, which adds up to a staggering 60 billion cups of tea a year. There are many who would argue that the only way to make a good cup of tea involves the tradition of the teapot and loose leaf tea. However, back in 2011 a research team at the University of Northumbria advocated the humble teabag.They had been approached by a well known milk manufacturing company to look into the secret of the perfect cuppa. Their panel of volunteers tested a total of 285 cups of tea over 180 hours in the quest for a definitive tea brewing method.

Conclusions showed that the optimum cup of tea was produced by pouring 200ml of freshly boiled water onto a teabag in a mug or cup, which should then be left to brew for two minutes before removal, and then to pour in 10ml of milk, before leaving for another six minutes to cool to the specific temperature of 60°C. The reason for this temperature drop is to provide the best sensory experience

Research also showed that an overwhelming majority of 98% of us prefer our tea with milk. The team's investigations found a clear reason for this; we need a balance between bitterness and sweetness to enjoy a cup of tea. Adding milk was discovered to reduce the bitter, astringent notes in black tea and to instead introduce vanilla and toffee flavours giving a smoother, more pleasant taste.

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