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Perhaps more commonly known as the cafetiere in Britain, this simple device is little more than a jar with a filter on a stick, yet it remains a popular method for brewing coffee even with more technologically advanced machines available. Read on to find out how to use this bit of kit.

-Fill your kettle with enough water to fill the cafetiere twice, and bring it to the boil.

-If you need to grind your coffee, do so whilst the kettle is boiling. Make sure that it is a fairly coarse grind, as a finer grind may slip through the filter.

-Once the kettle has boiled, remove the lid and plunger from the cafetiere, fill it with water from the kettle, and leave it for a minute. This will pre-heat your cafetiere and result in a better extraction.

-Get rid of the water from the cafetiere, and add the ground coffee. A good ratio to use is 6 grams for every 100ml of water. For reference, a tablespoon holds just over 17g.

-Pour more water from the kettle over the coffee. Don't boil it again- using water off the boil is better, as boiling water can negatively affect the taste.

-Stir the solution gently a few times to make sure the grinds are all wet, and then replace the lid and plunger- don't use the plunger yet, though.

-Allow the solution to infuse for around 4 minutes, and then depress the plunger. Make sure to keep it aligned and to lower it steadily, otherwise bits of coffee grind will get through.

-Pour immediately, and hopefully, enjoy!

This is just a basic guide to using your cafetiere, but there are a number of variables you can alter to find that perfect cup. For instance, try changing the coarseness of the grind and the amount of coffee used, as well as altering the time you leave it to infuse. Make sure you only change one thing at a time so you know which alteration is affecting the final taste.

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