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Last week we found out about the oldest tea company in existence, with a view to sending off the old year. Today then, with a mind to welcoming in the new year, we are going to examine some new, up and coming tea companies from here in the UK- be sure to give them a try if you get the chance!

First up on our list is the Brew Tea Company. Brew Tea Co. started out as a small shop located in Liverpool, but despite their wide range of teas business wasn't exactly booming due to all the High Street competition. They decided to start selling their goods wholesale to other retailers in 2012, as well as selling their tea to consumers via their rather snazzy website.

There's a good range of teas on offer from the Brew Tea Co., and the page for each on their site features a brilliant summary, telling you about the type of tea it is, where it's from, how it tastes and even recommends what foods will go well with it. Brand loyalty is rewarded too with their Brew coins system. By spending money at the online store, you can earn Brew coins- earn enough, and you can cash them in for some money off on your next shop!

Next on our list is the Bristol Tea Company. Established in 2011 by James Gilliam, this business is all about sourcing high quality teas from reputable estates. Working as an organic vegatable grower and selling produce at markets, Gilliam established his new company after visiting tea estates in Darjeeling and Assam in India, with a mind to offering top teas grown using sustainable and environmentally friendly methods.

Where possible, Gilliam deals directly with the tea growers, ensuring a better price for their hard work. He is a supporter of the Fairtrade movement, though shows an insightful understanding that Fairtrade certainly isn't the be all and end all to solving its namesake, and that there are still issues beyond its remit that need tackling. The Bristol Tea Company is definitely the place to go if you like to drink your tea with a clear conscience!

Last on our list today is a brilliantly unexpected newcomer, based on a tea estate somewhere most folk wouldn't expect. The Wee Tea Company sells tea grown on the Dalreoch Estate in Scotland. Established in 2011 by Irishman Tam O'Braan, the company had to withstand a shaky start when the cold winter of 2012 played havoc with his tea plants. It has recovered since then however and is making a splash in the world of tea.

The Dalreoch single estate Scottish smoked white tea has certainly been turning heads. Selling for £35 for just 15 grams- making it one of the most expensive teas in the world- this tea has placed first in The French Salon de Thê awards, an extremely prestigious honour. The tea is even being exported to China where there is a high demand, as if the idea of a Scottish tea plantation wasn't already odd enough!

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