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The latte, perhaps better known as the caffelatte in order to prevent a cocksure barista from handing you a glass of milk, is an espresso based beverage consisting of the aforementioned ingredients. The milk, in particular, is steamed and mixed into the coffee, with a small amount turned into a foam head for the drink. The latte is a drink of American invention, attributed to a man named Lino Meiorin looking to create a milder coffee after requests from his customers.

It would appear that milk and coffee is somewhat of a tradition in Europe, dating back to when coffee first arrived on the continent in the late 16th / early 17th centuries. This was a new practice, as milk was not added to coffee in the Middle East, where it had been consumed for some time before spreading to Europe.

More recently, lattes are becoming increasingly renowned for 'latte art', where images are created by drawing in the layer of foam at the top of the drink. A piece of latte art can be seen as the flourish of a particularly skilled barista, as the conditions required to create the right sort of foamed milk in which to create images are difficult to master.

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