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Jasmine tea is a particularly famous scented tea, which has been consumed in China for around a millenium; the vast majority of jasmine tea is still made in China. It is a high quality tea, the making of which involves a fairly long and laborious process, and because of this, it can fetch a high price on the market.

Unlike other herbal teas/tisanes with floral or herbal components, Jasmine tea does actually use tea as a base, as opposed to something like hibiscus tea which uses the petals from the flower. Jasmine tea traditionally uses green tea as a base, though other teas such as black or white may also be used; they are infused with the scent and taste of the jasmine flower.

This is achieved as follows: first, the tea is picked, dried and stored until new jasmine flowers are in bloom. The flowers are picked in the afternoon when the petals are tightly closed, then as it gets to the evening and the petals begin to open, they are mixed with the tea leaves and release their fragrance into them overnight. This process can be repeated around half a dozen times to strengthen the infusion. The tea leaves are then rolled into small balls known as pearls, packed and sold.

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