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With the gorging of Christmas over and Lent upon us, some of us are no doubt considering ways to get healthy and lose some of the winter waist line. Punishing yourself with a rigourous exercise routine isn't necessarily the way to go about doing this- though something as simple as a good walk each day will certainly help. Taking a look at what you're eating however is definitely a good idea, particularly after Christmas, as our iron clad wills may well have buckled under the temptation of an extra chocolate biscuit or two for pudding. Even easier is to consider what you're drinking, and thankfully Kafevend are here to give you a few tips!

The coffee drinkers amongst you will probably be pleased to hear that drinking a few cups of your favourite brew a day appears to be beneficial for your health, thanks in part to a study that followed some 130,000 coffee drinkers over a couple of decades. Just make sure you don't over do it though, as there can be negative effects. The most obvious is to do with caffeine- whilst it's a useful tool, it is important to remember that it's still a drug. No doubt fans of coffee who have over indulged have suffered from the headaches and irritability that follow. It's also worth pointing out that the kind of coffee you are drinking is important. Decaf won't have the same effect as caffeinated, and if you're indulging in a thirty ounce mocha blocka chocca the positives might just end up smothered under the negatives.

Tea has long been promoted as containing a myriad of health benefits, and that may well be the case, but research so far has yet to fully understand the possible effects. Like coffee, much more research needs to be carried out in order to isolate and identify the various chemicals in their make up and their effects, if any, upon us. Some studies have provided evidence for benefits such as a slight reduction in blood pressure, though again, not enough research has occurred to provide certainty. One of the issues is in getting a handle on the variables presented by tea production, a situation also shared by coffee. Of course, none of this should put you off tea drinking, but again like coffee, you should enjoy it in moderation.

It may be hard to credit this, but even fruit can have negative effects. The main issue is when it is consumed as a drink, such as juice or smoothies. Researchers found in 2013 that 41 out of 52 commercial smoothies contained more sugar than Coca-Cola- a sobering thought when you consider the way fizzy drinks are often negatively portrayed for their sugar contents. This doesn't mean you should avoid fruit of course, but eating it is a better option, as you retain more of the good bits which typically get thrown away when it is processed into juice or a smoothie.

When it comes to considering your diet, putting in some research to discover the benefits and drawbacks of certain items is more worthwhile than just joining in with the latest fad. Those pushed for time however could just start by putting back that biscuit you just got out to have with your tea!

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