FLAVIA Coffee Machines

FLAVIA coffee machines need no cleaning up and create no mess, no matter how many drinks you brew.

Perfect in a large office, meeting room or reception area

FLAVIA Coffee machine

The FLAVIA Creation 400™ machine offers a cost effective way of driving customer satisfaction and workforce productivity, whilst instilling a coffee shop culture within the walls of your business.

See the FLAVIA® Creation 400™ machine in detail

Flavia coffee machines give you the choice of over 25 delicious drinks combinations

You can easily make fantastic cappuccinos, lattes and mochas with our unique two pack technology.

Cappuccino, Mochas and Lattes

Take a look at the FLAVIA drinks range

Fantastic drinks from
carefully selected brands

ALTERRA, Bright Tea Co. and Galaxy

See our range of Coffees, Teas, and chocolate

Bringing the coffee shop
to your office

The FLAVIA barista delivers an authentic 15 bar espresso and introduces a new exclusive range from premium brands Alterra and Segafredo.

Take a look at the FLAVIA barista

FLAVIA barista

The FLAVIA Fresh Release™ System

The FLAVIA Fresh Release™ system has been designed to dispense each delicious drink directly from pack to cup, ensuring a clean brew and no taste contamination.

Create your own flavours

Tailor your own indulgent creation with the FLAVIA speciality range.