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The flat white is an espresso based blend, hailing from Australia and New Zealand. Those from Down Under are keen to point out that the flat white is a totally separate drink to the latte or caffe au lait, with a distinct method of production. New Zealanders living in or visiting London now even have a number of Kiwi owned coffee bars they can go to for a flat white done properly.

The flat white has a velvety texture, rather than the coarser frothiness of a cappuccino or latte. The way the milk is steamed- using a 'steam wand', a metal tube that protrudes from an espresso machine that expels steam- produces a microfoam which results in the smoother drink. With the flat white in particular, the milk is steamed at a lower temperature than normal, around 60-70 °C, to avoid scalding it and eliminating the sweetness in the milk, a quality that is sought after. It is also important to Australasians and flat white lovers everywhere that the coffee is more prominent than the milk, hence a double shot of espresso tends to be used.

Some coffee aficionados, and particularly baristas, are often dismissive of the drink, referring to it as merely a 'small latte' .The flat white debate rages on and on, so perhaps the best place of all to make a decision on the drink's true merits is next time you take a holiday Down Under.

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