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People like me are the reason supermarkets have a periodic reshuffle. We write a list before we go and the list adheres to our customary route around the aisles; we are blinkered to anything else.
So I can understand why they have a change around. You do notice a good many heretofore ignored products until the new order is imprinted in your head. I've recently noticed something else too, something missing from the burgeoning cereal aisle. There is no coffee flavoured cereal. There's chocolate of course, cinnamon, caramel, honey, even chocolate orange and any number of combinations with nuts and berries, but NO coffee. Surely coffee flavour flakes or clusters would sell like hotcakes. Well, it transpires that I'm not the first to think that. . .

In 2003, a New Zealand company called Hubbard's introduced a coffee flavoured cereal, named 'Café au Lait', a combination of  “light aromatic coffee flavoured wheat flakes combined with crisp rice flakes and yoghurt-coated cornflakes”. Sounds lovely, but it's since been discontinued.

Italian company, Cereal Vit produces an organic and gluten free cereal, called 'Coffee Flakes',  flakes of corn, coated in coffee. Having searched through the on-line shopping sites of all the major supermarkets, they don't appear to be available in the U.K.

Thirdly, there's another gluten free range developed by Hawaiian food scientist, Mike Abrams. Launched in Hawaii just last year, 'Cappuccino Crunch' cereal comes in three coffee varieties and there's also chai spice flavour! Abrams, noticing the gap in the market twenty years ago, felt sure it would be filled before he could develop a product. A few years ago he decided to take the risk and after much experimentation came up with the arabica coffee infused, toasted rice flour cereal.

Hawaii's a long way to go however, so if there are any budding entrepreneurs reading, you know what to do.

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