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Coffee can be an overpowering drink for some, but with the aid of a variety of condiments, even reluctant coffee drinkers will find a palatable solution.

Clearly, the most commonly used addition is sugar. White sugar is the most processed, separated from molasses and crystallized. Brown sugar is less processed, or a white sugar with molasses added back in. A natural brown sugar, much favoured in coffee drinking circles, is demerara, named after a region in South America that was colonised by the Dutch in 1611. It was from the sugar fields there that demerara sugar was first produced. Another potential sweetener is honey.

Milk lies only just behind the use of sugar. As well as being added as is to coffee, milk is often used to create slightly more complex coffees, such as lattes, cappucinos and the like, often by heating it and creating a foam.

Besides the chocolate in a drink such as the Mocha, powdered chocolate is often used as a topping on cappuccinos, where it sits on the froth. Besides sweetening the brew, it can be used to add to the visual presentation. Cinnamon can be used in much the same way.

Classic alcoholic additions include amaretto, rum ,tia maria ,and chocolate liqueur. My personal favourite is Irish cream, lending it a creamy texture and a sweeter taste, along with the alcoholic kick.

Any other favourites? Why not share them with your friends!

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