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1-Where can you order a 'backwards coffee' ?

A-Australia   B-Albania
C-Austria   D-Andorra

2-What's the essential ingredient in a Café Cubano?

A-rum   B-demerara sugar
C-honey   D-lime juice

3-Which item of equipment is essential for preparing Turkish coffee?

A-cafetière   B-syphon brewer
C-cezve   D-moka pot

4-Where was the latte invented?

A-Switzerland   B-UK
C-Italy   D-USA

5-Staying with the latte theme, which nation gave birth to 3D latte art?

A-Japan   B-Sweden
C-Taiwan   D-Australia

6-The word for coffee is surprisingly similar right across the globe, but which nation bucks the trend and calls it bunna (pronounced 'boona') ?

A-Indonesia   B-Brazil
C-Ethiopia   D-Vietnam

7-Which language uses coffee as its word for brown?

A-Turkish   B-Finnish
C-Arabic   D-Bengali

8-Finally, which nation is the global leader in coffee production and export?

A-Vietnam   B-Ethiopia
C- Indonesia   D-Brazil

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