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If you are a coffee machine novice looking to buy a replacement for your old broken machine it stands to reason that you are going to want to choose the right drinks machine to suit your expected usage. None of us want to spend more than we need to on anything and bean to cup coffee machines are no exception – although, you certainly get what you pay for.

There will be many different retailers that sell and rent these machines (Kafevend of course should be your first consideration!), so you’ll have no shortage of choices. But you do need to shop around and compare between all of the different options available and then take a look at what the company is really offering, including service levels, competitive supplies (beans – @Kafevend we love @Lavazza and @TwiningsTeaUk) and what accessories are available to suit your on-going needs.

Who to Buy From?

If you haven’t ever bought or rented one of these machines before then it can be hard to know where to start. Search online for - bean to cup vending machines - you will be able to find different websites and options at the click of a button. You can then work your way through the sites to make sure that you are getting the best machine for your needs (do you need fresh milk or instant for example).  Of course online shopping isn’t your only option - try asking your connections for their recommendations or please call Kafevend and we can offer you some free advice to start the ball rolling: 0800 011 4531

Assess Your Needs

One of the biggest ways to get unstuck when choosing one of these machines is to buy something that simply can’t cope with your expected usage. The best way around this is to sit down and think about who your office coffee/ drinks machine is for and how many and what drinks it is likely to make during a day. There are loads of bean to cup #coffee machines for you to choose from, so finding one that copes with your requirements and of course the range of hot drinks, speciality coffees that you and your colleagues enjoy will help narrow your field.

For the work place you will certainly want something much more robust and extensive than just a home machine.  There are loads of professional brands to choose from, all with ranges designed for professional offices and capable of coping with the high demand expected of a work-place machine. Excellent brands include Jura, Coffeetek and HLF – all available from Kafevend.

Do Your Homework

Whatever type of machine you want - read up on them and make sure they are suitable. Although bad reviews should be read with a pinch of salt it is worth reading them to see if the same complaint comes up again and again. This should help give you an idea as to whether the machine you like the look of is going to be suitable for your needs.

No matter what you are looking for it is likely that Kafevend will have something to suit your needs and we are never too busy to offer free, friendly advice to both prospects and existing customers.

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