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I have a sneaking suspicion that you might know which country this particular drink gets its name from, but I need to write something, so I'm going to tell you anyway. The Americano is a fairly simple style of coffee, consisting of hot water and espresso. Its origin is attributed to American soldiers who fought in WW2. Coming to Europe, they added hot water to espressos in order to create a larger and less intense drink more like the drip brew coffees they had back at home. Today's Americano consists of a shot or two of espresso combined with fairly wide ranging amounts of hot water either according to a cafe's standard amount or a buyer's personal preference.

To be more precise, an Americano is when hot water is poured on to an espresso. Espresso poured on to hot water, the other way around, makes a coffee known as a long black. Though it might seem that there would be no change, it certainly does make a difference as to which is poured first. A defining characteristic of the espresso is its crema, the cream like foam that sits on top. When hot water is poured on to it, the cream is destroyed- therefore, the long black preserves the espresso's crema by doing it the other way around.

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