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The ALTERRA® coffee range from MARS provides for a wide range of personal preferences, with a variety of blends and 100% origin coffees. Each coffee lies somewhere along two scales: one scale is made up by the traditional levels of roasting- light, medium and dark. The other concerns the coffee's taste, and is divided into smooth, balanced, bright and intense. These two produce four combinations: light & smooth, medium & balanced, medium & bright, and dark & intense.


-Light & smooth-

Mild roast- A delicate easy drinking coffee, with a sweet finish to enjoy all day long.

Smooth roast- Smooth, well-rounded and wonderfully comfortable. A light roasted cup, with a refreshing flavour.

-Medium & balanced-

Rich roast- A medium bodied coffee with a fruity and sweet flavour that will shine through.

Colombia- Aromatic, 100% Colombian beans are medium roasted to give a balanced, fragrant experience.

-Medium & bright-

Papua New Guinea- 100% Papua New Guinea coffee is medium roasted to give a full bodied yet fruity flavourful cup.

Ethiopia- 100% Yirgacheffe beans are medium roasted to give a distinctive bright, fruity flavour.

-Dark & intense-

Sumatra- 100% Sumatran arabica beans are dark roasted to give a heavy bodied, complex cup with a bold finish.

Espresso roast- A luscious blend of dark roasted beans, delivering a heavy bodied, bold and earthy flavoured cup.

Outside of the above combinations are another pair of coffees- a medium roast coffee flavoured with hazelnut, and finally, a decaffeinated smooth roast for those who wish to avoid the shakes.

*All coffee descriptions are based on those provided by the ALTERRA website and are manufactured to be used in the FLAVIA® CREATION 400™ Vending machine.

by Kafevend

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